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National Council for Private Equity & Venture Capital

With the Indian economy growing at an average annual rate of around 8 percent over the last five years and other macroeconomic factors and policies favorably complementing the growth, India has emerged as an attractive investment destination. Global investors looking for investment opportunities in emerging markets in order to tap the growth potential as well as to diversify and mitigate their risk are getting increasingly attracted to Indian markets. Consequently India’s share in global pool of private equity investments is steadily rising.

The private equity landscape is changing. Regulatory pressure, calls for transparency, erratic markets and increased competition mean that private equity (PE) funds need to cast their net further to find untapped sources of value. Government is also playing a critical role in addressing an urgent need like removing regulatory barriers to put domestic and international PE firms on a more level playing field. Greater transparency and consistency in how rules are applied are important preconditions for regulatory reform. But the PE industry is waiting for policymakers to take several other concrete steps that would facilitate PE capital formation and deal making.

With the objective of bringing substantial improvement in PE/VC deals, IBCHAM (Indian Business Chamber) has constituted a separate and dedicated National Council for Private Equity & Venture Capital to ensure furthering PE’s success in India. The council is committed to assist PE/VC firms and promoters to foster a better understanding of each other’s expectations and highlight the opportunities, challenges and changes that will mark their evolving relationship.

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